So I’m using the gospel as Morse code giving glimpses of light to revive souls.

Since the beginning of time music has carried us through life’s darkest moments. This lyric from the soul of Aasha Marie embodies the realism and hope her music shines on the world. Her lyricism is outright and consuming, leaving no doubt that her music will leave a mark on Hip Hop and inspire a spiritual awakening.

Aasha Marie’s gritty gospel pays homage to her life’s early influences. Born the daughter of a pastor in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, Aasha Marie was exposed to a diverse range of music. She found herself inspired by the gospel music of her childhood but over time hip hop had a major influence, becoming intrigued by the words and lyricism of rappers she heard on t.v. and radio. Growing up in a musical family Aasha Marie was exposed to generations of musical talent and taste. However, it wasn’t until she truly discovered her relationship with the Christ that she began to understand herself as an artist. When Aasha Marie was a student in college she met a young rapper that challenged her artistry and her Christianity. Through his influence Aasha discovered that she had gone through life wearing Christianity as an accessory. She had yet to truly embrace Christianity as her way of life. It was in that moment of realization that she asked Christ for help to change her. And found her true purpose in life and in music.

Aasha Marie’s newest single “While You Were Sleeping” is an out pour of her truth that nourishes the soul and flexes her skill.  No stranger to pressures of the world and the depressions life can invoke, Aasha Marie’s upcoming project speaks on her truths and her journey to overcome.

It was through her realization that God had gifted her with a talent and with purpose that Aasha was able to find her way out of darkness. Aasha Marie is focused and ready to help the world realize that Christ is everyone’s hope.